Behaviour and the Law – Theory and Physicals

The course is delivered over two days, from 10.00 - 15.00 to allow parents/carers to manage child care, if needed.

The first day is a theory based programme. It consists of two elements, the legal framework and the theory of de-escalation. It supports parent/carers to gain a better understanding of the use of physical interventions and to cope with all levels of behaviour. For many people, understanding the triggers of challenging behaviour and how to deal with it, is essential if they are to improve the safety of all in the home environment. It focusses on de-escalation and intervention at an early stage, to reduce the need for restrictive practices. It is underpinned by clear articulation and behavioural theory, law and best practise. We aim to develop a variety of effective strategies for an individualised plan of the child’s specific needs.

The second day offers physical intervention training including, non-restrictive and restrictive techniques if required.

We also provide a forum where participants can have the opportunity to meet other parent/carers facing similar challenges.

All techniques are delivered in-line with manual handling regulations and guidelines on how to avoid positional asphyxiation. First aid considerations are also included in the programme.

To make the programmes as relevant as possible, the course content is modified and delivered to cater for the specific requirements of the learners, their customer demographic and the commissioning body. Training is tailor made to suit service sector requirements as identified through a risk assessment process. If physical intervention is necessary, we train using risk assessed techniques; these techniques have undergone a medical review.

“I feel more confident in dealing with tricky situations”
“Excellent trainers with a huge wealth of experience. Thank you very much.”
“Very informative in methods to adopt. Serious but delivered in relaxed manor.”
“Very personal, was impressed the trainers remembered everyone’s names. I enjoyed the discussion around behaviour, the brain science and the 5A’s approach.”

Main Speaker

Donna McDade

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